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The Jubilee Walk

This walkway was created by the Friends of Barclay Park to celebrate and commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. On 20 January 2014, 27 members of the public including tree donors, their families and friends, with members of the Friends of Barclay Park, joined the Mayor of Broxbourne, Councillor Mrs Bren Perryman and County Councillor Alan Searing to unveil the signage for the northern side of the walkway and plant trees along the southern section. Further works in March and April were carried out by Barclay Park volunteers. Finally in November 2014, 10 students from Sheredes School’s environmental group planted 7,000 bulbs to complete the project. A total of 195 hours of volunteer labour was provided to create the southern side of the walkway.

The Jubilee Walk scheme also includes the WW1 Centenary Meadow

The meadow is to the southern side of Jubilee Walk

2014 marked the centenary of the start of World War One and for the four years following the nations involved in the conflict will commemorate the event at sites of remembrance. To help mark this centenary, the Friends of Barclay Park, the Wednesday Volunteers, Haileybury students, Barclay Park Volunteers and the Broxbourne Council will be working together to create a meadow containing some of the flowers which best symbolise the millions of soldiers who died at war.

The poppy, Papaver rhoeas, is used by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America to honour those killed in battle; the red of the poppy symbolises the blood spilled during the combat.

The cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, originally referred to young French soldiers arriving on the battlefield wearing new grey-blue uniforms; thereafter the cornflower symbolised those who died for France.

Phase one of the meadow started in March 2015 as 15 members of the Wednesday Volunteers and 7 Haileybury students cleared away the existing turf, prepared the first v300 square meters and sowed an annual commemorative mix of seed. The meadow will be completed in phases before 2018 to symbolise 100 years since the end of WW1.